The materials used for our springs are selected to reach the best performance, always with the target of having the spring working under its elastic limit. The materials we use, are:

  • Aº Carbono s/EN-10270-1; SM/SH/DH + Galva /Bezinal
  • Aº Inoxidable s/EN-10270-3; NS/HS + Aisi302 / Aisi316 /Aisi 304
  • Aª Oil Tempered s/EN-10270-2
  • Titanium – Inconel – Bronce Fosforoso – Cupper – Brass

The surface treatments are selected according to the required demanding, such as:  noise, corrosion, esthetic.

  • Metallic or Electrolytic: Galvanize, Electro-Zinc plate, Chromate passivate without Cr VI
  • Non Metallic: Deltatone, Deltaseal , Deltaprotek, Cataforesis, Teflon