Certificado ISOTS

With FEDERTEK, the new production centre, we have obtained the IATF 16949 certification which establishes the particular requirements for the application of the ISO 9001 Standard for assembly-line production and original spare parts in the automotive industry.

The main aim of the IATF 16949 Standard is continuous improvement, putting emphasis on the prevention of defects and waste in the supply chain. For this reason the standard ensures that automotive components, parts and safety systems fulfil the requirements specified by customers as well as applicable regulations.

The Quality we offer starts on the raw material we select. That is why we work with well known international suppliers.

We are always involved with the latest state of the art in terms of technology applicable to ensure our process.

The following instruments are used on our factory:

  • Instruments for measure force
  • Vision Control Instruments for dimensional measurements
  • Machines for strain tests of compression and extension springs
  • Vision  Control instruments ON BOARD the machine.